Our story

The story behind our unique weight blanket in wool is that I, as a psychologist, both in conversations with clients and colleagues have experienced what positive effects a weight blanket can have for our ability to relax and get down in laps. From this experience took my dream of developing a very own weight-felt form. I wanted to produce a weight blanket that I would like to use myself. Important keywords in my work were that the new weight blanket would be really good in its function, at the same time it would be easy to handle at home, it would also be beautiful to look at and in environmentally friendly and comfortable materials. To take the step from vision to finished blanket, the collaboration with Klippans Yllefabrik has been invaluable. They immediately believed in the idea of ​​a new kind of weight blanket, which further strengthened my faith and drive for a "new generation" weight blanket, which resulted in a weight blanket in lovely organic wool. When Wesomnia's wool felt blanket was finished, it felt fantastically fun. Having managed to combine my experiences from the work of a psychologist, ie how important it is with moments of stillness, recovery and a functioning sleep to maintain health, with my purely private thoughts about how I wanted a weight blanket to feel and work at home. In my home! Being able to help people naturally reduce the experience of stress, relax more easily and perhaps be able to sleep better feels very fun, but also extremely important. My hope is that many will be able to have their Wesomnia heavy blanket to thank for less stress, increased ability to recover and that it will bring many wonderful moments of relaxation in your everyday life!