3 Ways To Improve Your Sleep - We Start In The Bedroom!

In recent times, it feels as if the importance of sleep has been upgraded in such a way that we increasingly understand how important sleep is for our health in a number of different areas. Poor sleep on a single night is completely harmless. If, on the other hand, your sleep difficulties persist, you will unfortunately be negatively affected quite quickly. Energy and patience run out and if you are worried or depressed, these negative emotions can become increasingly difficult to deal with.


The positive thing about sleep disorders is that, unless it has become really difficult or there is a physical cause for your impaired sleep,  there are a number of things we can do ourselves to sleep better. Many you have probably heard before, but we think they can be repeated because they are simple. Still, it can be so difficult to make those small changes in everyday life. 



Below are some brief tips on what is important to think about in terms of the physical environment in the bedroom. 

  • Your bedroom, try to make sure it is dark, cool (preferably not above 18 degrees) and quiet if possible.
  • Do not have the work with you into the bedroom, but leave demands and performance outside the bedroom. You should rest in bed and it is important that you connect the bed to rest and recovery and not to work and activity.
  • If possible, leave all screens outside the bedroom and feel free to read a book a few minutes before you go to sleep. Feel free to replace your mobile phone with a regular alarm clock so that you are not disturbed or tempted to look at your mobile phone if you wake up at night.

Feel free to try the above for a few days and see if these small changes have any effect or not on your sleep!


Pictures: Pexel / Canva

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