How to get this done when you really don't feel like it:A short guide to get there



We all have days when it feels impossible to get out of bed and get anything done. When our energy and productivity levels feel like it's nowhere to be found. No matter how much we enjoy and value our work, we can all experience those days.

The thing is, productivity and motivation can be affected by a number of different factors. The workplace environment, if we enjoy our role at work and our salary are just some of them. Others may be the relationships at work, perceived stress or personal problems. If we experience too much workload or stress, our attention can easily drop, which can contribute to making it difficult to be productive.

Sounds familiar For us, it sure does. That's why we've listed some simple tips to help you get going when you have one of those days when everything feels impossible..

Today might not be the day to do it all

What is the most important thing you have to do today Focus on that. Today may not be the day you go off to morning yoga, answer all the emails, cook a proper dinner for your family or help a colleague at work. Maybe today is the day you're going to do just one of all the things on your to-do list. So, what's the most important task you have today Maybe it can help you turn this day around. In other words, it's about being able to prioritize and be able to feel fine knowing that not every day feels exactly the way we'd like it to. Getting things done can sometimes mean just doing one thing.g.

One way to get a better overview of your days and set the right priority is to use aProductivity Planner. Use the Productivity Planner's Focus Time technique and an 90-day, 2-page layout which features a monthly calendar, additional space for notes, a daily schedule, and a habit tracker.Shop product.

Organize your day - Four questions to ask yourself

Trying to keep all our commitments, ideas and activities in our heads is rarely a good idea. Writing down thoughts or commitments also helps us to remember better; the more senses you use, the easier it is to remember.

One simple tip is to take a short time in the morning to write down the day's tasks. Where you write them down is up to you, it could be in a book, an app or document.

Once you've made your list, it's time to go through it and organize the day's activities. The following questions may be useful to ask yourself:

  • Is it a task that takes less than two minutes to complete Then it might be a good idea to try to do it right away..
  • Is it a task that is better delegated to someone else Then try to do so..
  • Is it something you need to come back to later Write it down in the calendar or set up reminders..
  • Is it a task that is relevant If not, delete it..

This way you'll have a good overview of the day. And besides, it's always satisfying to be able to cross off a completed task.

No more multitasking

When we feel our motivation and productivity starting to fade, we often want to make up for it by multitasking. Sound familiar?

Multitasking often gives us the feeling that we are productive and in control because we are keeping busy. But just being busy with several things at once is no guarantee of being productive (although it may feel that way). On the contrary, studies have shown that multitasking can reduce your productivity by as much as 40%. In addition, the results of our performance are usually better when we allow ourselves to focus on one thing at a time.

If you find it difficult to focus on one task for long periods of time, try working in shorter intervals and take short breaks. That way you can avoid losing attention. And last but not least: put your phone away when you're working. Very few of us can fully focus on a task while answering text messages or checking Instagram.


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