Discover The Shift

Hard to unwind?

When you are stressed or experiencing anxiety, our entire nervous system is affected and your thoughts may rush even faster. The whole body enters what we call fight / flight response and the breathing tends to be shallow and far up in the chest. This bodily reaction naturally has a vital function in the event of real danger, but is unfortunately not always so helpful in our everyday lives, but can instead cause us to lose contact with both ourselves and the environment.
With the Shift, you can in a very simple way break the body's stress reaction, so that you in a completely natural way calm down both thoughts and the body's stress load.

Inspired by Komuso monks

The Shift is inspired by the Komuso monks from 17th century Japan who used a similar tool called shakuhachi to meditate. We wanted to convey their wisdom and adapt the tool to modern culture to help people slow down and achieve greater tranquility and peace of mind naturally.
The engraving on the back of the work is Japanese kanji for "Be still."


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