"We want to help people feel a little better naturally"

Wesomnia was started by Ulrika who worked as a clinical psychologist for over 20 years. In her profession, she met daily people with difficulty sleeping due to stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue or other. Disturbed sleep is almost always included as a factor when we humans feel bad mentally. Getting to grips with sleep and being able to get enough sleep is so extremely important for us to have energy and strength during the day. It was from this experience that the dream of Wesomnia took off and first out was our very unique weight blanket.

"High function, design and sustainable materials have been guiding stars right from the start"

Helping people naturally find ways to relax and unwind felt both fun and important. In addition, high function, design and sustainable, natural materials have been guiding stars from the start.

Today, Wesomnia is run by Ulrika and her daughter Emma and we have developed the company to include not only our designed, durable weight blankets but also have other hand-picked products in our store. Our company is constantly evolving where we constantly try to be sensitive to what people demand and need to feel good in their everyday lives.


We at Wesomnia believe in products with a function. This means that we create and hand-pick products that we believe can have a positive impact on our well-being. Our vision is to help people feel a little better in a natural way.

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Our Wellness Journal is about making you feel good. Get inspired by wellness guides, stories and get valuable tips.

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