Shipping policy

Shipping cost

Shipping costs are reported near each product. Wesomnia weighted blanket is delivered today completely free of shipping costs for the customer. Other information Credit report If you pay directly by credit card, no credit report is made on the website. If you choose to pay by invoice, the usual credit check takes place before the purchase is approved/approved in Wesomnia's webshop. The credit check takes place automatically, no specific credit request is registered. In order for invoice purchases to be approved for you as a private person, it is required that you have no registered payment complaints and that your declared annual income reaches a certain level. The credit information is handled by Klarna.

Delivery time

Normal delivery time for in-stock items is for most items 2-6 working days, after we have received your order. Discrepancies may occur but will be notified on the website (via package search at DHL). You then of course have the right to cancel your purchase or change your order, contact us if you wish to cancel your purchase.

Mode of delivery

Wesomnia AB delivers with DHL. The most common transport method is Service Point, which are delivered to the nearest DHL agent in relation to the recipient's home address. Notification (SMS and e-mail) On the same day that your package arrives at Posten's agent, an SMS notification is sent to the mobile phone number you have specified. To redeem your order, you take your mobile phone to the agent, show the SMS notification and valid ID. ATTENTION! If you enter a mobile phone number, you will only be notified via SMS and e-mail (no letter notification will be sent to your home). Today, most notifications are made this way, and in this way we all contribute to an improved environment.

Letter notification

Applies when Wesomnia has not received a valid mobile phone number. Agent sends a letter notice to your postal address. Take the wine with you to the designated agent to redeem your order.

Delivery delay

If there is a delivery delay, you will receive a notice of this from DHL. You as a customer always have the right to cancel the purchase in case of delivery delays, contact us as soon as possible if you feel that your order has been delayed. Wesomnia always works to try to solve the problem in the best possible way for the customer. However, there may be special occasions that make it impossible for us to fulfill and deliver your order, for example if our supplier cannot fulfill his commitment to us. We reserve the right to exonerate ourselves from all compensation to the customer regarding delivery delays.

The transport risk

Wesomnia AB is responsible for the transport risk, i.e. the risk of the item being damaged or lost during transport from our warehouse to you. If a product is damaged upon delivery/receipt, the customer must immediately contact Wesomnia and not unpack the product if the packaging is damaged. The customer is responsible for damages that occur during a possible return shipment if the customer himself chose to return a product because, for example, regretted his purchase.