AKI Oil Lamp - Clear Small

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Made from clear glass tinged with black, this lamp treads a delicate balance between being seen and not seen. Like soft wisps of smoke in the air, it’s present without overwhelming its surroundings.

Available in two sizes. 

Size: 11 x 8,5 cm
Weight: 300 gr
Capacity: 250 ml Color: Grey
Finishing: Transparent
Materials: Glass

Lamp oil not included.

Please note that the length of the wick controls the height of the flame. Therefore, cut the wick if the flame becomes too high.

Laura Ercole

AKI oil lamps are the creation of Animacontemporanea – a small, independent Italian brand established in 2014 to produce pieces for scared spaces and meditation areas. It evolved from a third-generation family company first founded in 1958.
Oil lamps have occupied a special place for thousands of years. They offer light and comfort, they transcend cultures and traditions, and they play a central role in many rituals and stories.
Inspired by our love of glass and pure, simple forms, we have reimagined these ancient vessels for the modern world – a world where our homes are our sanctuaries, our time is precious, and many of us are searching for balance and harmony.
The name AKIis Japanese and means ‘sparkle’,‘bright’ and ‘hope’. It can also signify ‘autumn’ – a season whose golden light and long shadows evoke the warm, tranquil atmosphere that our lamps create.

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