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Komuso The Shift - Gold

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The Shift is not only a beautiful piece of jewellery, but has a very important function. Easy to carry on the outside or more discreetly in your pocket/bag. Always easy to have at hand - "The Shift" is your anchor!



When you're stressed or even experiencing anxiety, our whole nervous system is affected and your thoughts may be racing anyway. The whole body goes into what we call the fight/flight response and breathing tends to become shallow and deep in the chest. This bodily reaction obviously has a vital function in real danger, but unfortunately is not always so helpful in our everyday lives, and can instead cause us to lose touch with both ourselves and our surroundings. With the Shift, you can very easily break the body's stress response, so that you can naturally calm down both your thoughts and your body's stress levels. You breathe in and then slowly exhale into the jewellery itself. Don't breathe so that it whistles (that's too fast), just so that you can barely hear your exhale. Repeat 5 times or until you feel you have "landed" with your body and thoughts. You will quickly feel how your breathing affects both how your body feels and how your thoughts go.

Material & Dimensions

The pendant and chain are made of polished stainless steel
Pendant: 5 cm
Chain: 70 cm
Color: Gold

How to use it

1. Inhale
Deeply through the nose to fill your belly with air. Think about your breath.

2. Exhale
Gently through the Shift for 8-10 seconds to release all the air from your lungs.

3. Relax
Your jaw and shoulders after you finish exhaling. Continue to think about your breath.

4. Repeat
to make a routine of better breathing to experience the benefits day in, day out.

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