Wheat Warmer - Grey

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Our wheat warmers are made of the finest linen and filled with organic wheat. Use the wheat warmer for pain, aches and pains or to help relaxation. You can also use our wheat warmers to cool sore muscles and stretches.


Remove the paper from the wheat warmer. In the microwave: 1-2 min at 750 W In the oven: 5-10 min at 125 °C Avoid burns by placing the wheat warmer correctly in the microwave: the rotating plate (if there is one) must be able to rotate freely. The fabric of the bag must not be against the walls. The wheat warmer stays warm for about 1 h at room temperature and 3-4 h under a blanket. The outer bag is washable at 60 °C. When using the wheat warmer as a cooler, place the wheat warmer in a flat bag and place it in the freezer 1 h before use.

Made of linen and filled with organic wheat.

50 x 18 cm.

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