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Weighted Blanket 5 kg - Sand

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The effect of a weighted blanket can be experienced a bit like a hug, when used the body naturally releases the calming and "feel good" hormone oxytocin. By increasing the sense of security, a weighted blanket can help to increase relaxation and facilitate falling asleep. Dimensions: 90x140 cm Weight: 5 kg Colour: Sand

Which weight should I choose?

We've chosen to create two different blankets, a large 10kg blanket that wraps around your entire body and a smaller 5kg blanket that's smaller in size, making it easy to move around your house. When choosing a blanket, we think it's important to ask yourself the question, how do you think you'll use your weighted blanket? It's also important to consider your body size.

In order to be truly satisfied, we think it's important that you feel it's easy and comfortable to handle and use your weighted blanket. There are no medical studies that say unequivocally which weight is suitable for whom, it is individual what your body is comfortable with. The large blanket, fits nicely as a beautiful decorative detail at the foot of the bed. It can then easily be pulled up over you when you go to sleep. Our small 5 kg blanket is easy to move around the home. Can easily be carried between the sofa, work or yoga area to the bed where it also fits nicely as a decorative detail. Easily lay on top of your existing duvet. Think about how you think you will use and enjoy our blankets the most.


Wesomnia's weighted blankets are made of organic lambswool and merino wool from Klippan wool mill. The organic lambs wool is pesticide free and no chemicals or antibiotics are used in the rearing of the lambs. In addition, the wool has unique properties - its temperature regulating properties allow it to warm when cold and "breathe" when heated. The wool is easy to care for, self-cleaning, does not wrinkle easily and is 100% recyclable.

The blankets are hand-filled with Swedish wheat. We strive for a natural simplicity, with a focus on experience, wholeness and environment. The wheat grains are thermo seed treated and CE marked by the Medical Products Agency to guarantee environmental friendliness and health requirements.

Care Instructions

The organic lambswool and merino wool are naturally stain-resistant (contains natural lanolin) and you only need to air the blanket in dry weather for a refresh. Please note that our blankets are always kept dry as they are made from living materials. Should you still get a stain, we advise you to wash locally (with a little wool wash or regular detergent and then dry the blanket with a hair dryer).

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