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Helena Kubicek Boye

Wild Swimming

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What is the attraction of cold outdoor baths? Could it be the opportunity to land and have a moment to face yourself? To feel brave, free and strong? To be almost intoxicated by the energy and endorphin rush? Either way, several voices in the book Wild Swimming - Bathing for Life testify to both physical and mental health benefits. What they all have in common is that they have become addicted to their swims at beaches and from cliffs, at small forest lakes and from city piers.

In the beautiful and atmospheric Wild Swimming - Bathing for Life, winter swimmer and psychologist Helena Kubicek Boye explores what happens in both body and mind when we swim all year round. She explains the mental strategies that can help when facing the cold feels daunting, gives tips on equipment and how to quickly get warm again after a swim. But it's not just about the dip itself, but the feeling of being at one with nature for a while and switching off from the noise of everyday life. An intense period of mindfulness, in short.


Helena Kubicek Boye is a licensed psychologist, CBT therapist, mindfulness instructor, sleep expert and author of both non-fiction and suspense novels. She is also a passionate wild swimmer and hasn't had a cold since she started cold swimming.

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